Under the same roof

In May Lobster moves in to new premises in Årsta together with Sjöboden Allt i Fisk.


Roberth Engdahl become the new CEO

New strategy

New offensive at the retail market. Investmets are made in salmon processing machinery.

Sjöboden Allt i Fisk AB

The fresh fish business is brought together under Sjöboden Allt i Fisk AB. Extensive changes are made to the graphical identify of Lobster Seafood/Sjöboden Allt i Fisk. Lobster Seafood and Marine Harvest launch cooperation on pre-rigor fillet.

Salmon production

In-house salmon processing is moved to Sjöboden Gävle. Work towards winning custom among complete food service wholesalers is initiated.


Gävlefisk AB, with its three units, is acquired and incoporated with Sjöboden Allt i Fisk AB.


Lobster Seafood acquires Sjöboden Allt i Fisk and Laxgrossen.

Investment in frozen products

Aggressive campaign in the retail market for frozen seafood.


Frysvarugruppen is incorporated in the company.


Lobster Seafood acquires Havsprodukter in Norrköping, 160 km south of Stockholm.


Lobster Seafood operates through its local office in Shanghai.


Trading of fresh fish takes shape in collaboration with Marine Harvest, Norway.


Trade links with Asia is established.

Lobster Seafood was founded

Lobster is a family business founded in 1990 by Arne Björklund. Kjell Östman becomes the new CEO