Supplying seafood delicacies since 1990

Lobster is a family business founded in 1990 by Arne Björklund, a creative, down-to-earth man who was dedicated to importing frozen seafood delicacies - and to his customers. At that time, we were called A.B. Lobster AB, and Kjell Östman, who shared Arne´s vision, became co-owner and CEO shortly after. Arne´s customer-friendly spirit lives on in the company following his death in 2000.

Lobsters business concept, with knowledge of and consideration for both products and customers, proved successful and business increased, which meant there was a need for a separate cold store. For this reason, Havsprodukter in Norrköping, with its storage facilities and skilled staff was aquired and merged with Lobster Seafood.

In 2001 Frysvarugruppen was acquired, offering an additional channel into the retail market.

Nearly 100 people work at Lobster Seafood Sweden AB and its subsidiaries. Its sales and management department are located at the company headquarters in Stockholm. Our subsidiary Sjöboden Allt i Fisk currently offers sales and production facilities for fresh fish in Stockholm, Gävle, Gothenburg and Umeå.

Frozen products from around the world

We value close personal ties, and after many years in the industry, we know most of the people with whom we do business, irrespective of whether it is salmon from Norway, crayfish from China or rainbow trout from Peru. We also get to know our customers and are responsive to their wishes. It is an important part of our work.

Thanks to our close contacts with our producers around the world, we are able to purchase fish and shellfish when their taste, texture, appearance and weight are at their best.

Our producers and suppliers are carefully assessed and evaluated, e.g. as regards their processing operations and environmental impact.

Fresh fish from all over Sweden

Ever since the company´s inception, we have worked with the biggest producers of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). We have also built up an efficient transport network. This allows us to guarantee our customers really fresh fish - from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north.

Today, most of the fresh fish is gutted and packed before it reaches stores, which requires fit-for-purpose, EU-approved facilities and modern equipment that can handle the latest packaging technology. 

To meet these requirements, we acquired Sjöboden Allt i Fisk and Laxgrossen in 2003. Since 2007, Gävle Fisk has also been included in the group, the aim being to boost sales of fresh fish to stores from Stockholm area and up along the entire coast of northern Sweden.

Today, the whole fresh fish business comes under Sjöboden Allt i Fisk AB with headquarters in Stockholm. There is also a large production facility in Gävle and smaller plants in Gothenburg and Umeå, where processing includes traditionally hand filleting fresh fish for restaurants.

At our plant in Gävle, we process salmon of all kinds -  all types of fillet and salmon portions for stores, restaurants and wholesalers. We also have a production line for hand-filleted herring as well as a productionline for Atmospack, which means that we have control over the entire chain, for both retail and wholesale and from the whole fish to the consumer-packed product.